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  • Completed Application Form
  • Birth Certificate Xerox Copy-1
  • Community Certificate Xerox copy-1 (For SC,ST,BC,MBC)
  • Passport Xerox Copy-1 (if Available)
  • Transfer Certificate original, as applicable.
   We are fully aware that:
  1. Registration of application does not guarantee admission in the academy
  2. Admission is granted on merit only
  3. Entrance test is conducted before granting admission
  4. Annual fee increase of 20% to 40% is effective, to offset the increased expenditure by way of salary maintenance and material expenditure etc.,
  5. Sri Sankara Global Academy is a private self financing institution.
  6. Medical fitness certifying that the child is free of major ailments is mandatory for admission and continuance of the students
  We hereby declare that:
  1. Particulars furnished above are true
  2. We shall pay the ANNUAL FEE IN FULL before the prescribed date
  3. We should abide by the norms of the Academy as may be ammended from time to time and extend our whole hearted support and cooperation to Sri Sankara Global Academy